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The Collection

We currently offer a collection of 12 Country Kits, with more in production. You may choose from the following: Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Russia, and Spain.  Read on to learn more about the core Country Kit features, as well as specific country descriptions.

What's Included?

All Country Kits include the following core components:

  1. A full-color booklet describing the country's geography, history, and culture, including language, arts and artifacts, cuisine, education, and favored pastimes
  2. A country flag
  3. A country trading card, featuring demographic information
  4. A recipe card for an authentic dish
  5. 2-3 hands-on art projects that represent the country's culture; all supplies included
  6. A culture-inspired toy

Country Kits Collection

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