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Country Kits take children around the world!

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At Cultured Owl, we keep things simple:

Check out the available Country Kits below.

Australia - Journey to the land of kangaroos, Vegemite, and the Great Barrier Reef.
Brazil - Take a trip to the home of Carnaval, the Amazon rainforest, and soccer enthusiasts.
China - Head to the country famous for the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, and Chinese acrobatics.
Egypt - Voyage to the home of the Giza pyramids, hieroglyphics, and the Nile River.
France - Set off on an adventure where the Eiffel Tower, impressionism, and French cuisine reign supreme.
India - Embark on a journey to the home of Asiatic lions, Bollywood, and the game of cricket.
Israel - Set sail for the land of the Dead Sea, the Western Wall, and Hanukkah.
Italy - Tour the home of the Colosseum, gondolas, and vespas.
Japan - Explore the country that is famous for its tea ceremonies, cherry blossoms, and origami.
Madagascar - Visit the island nation that is home to rainforests, lemurs, and Baobab trees.
Russia - Adventure to the home of the Russian space program, Fabergé eggs, and Matroyshkas.
Spain - Travel to the nation of La Tomatina, flamenco, and bullfighting.

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