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"What a great addition to our homeschooling curriculum! I'd been searching for a way to teach history and culture to my kids for a while and I am so glad I came across Cultured Owl! Now my kids are learning and having fun at the same time.   -Rebecca


"I love how the Country Kits sparked her interest through art and play and allowed us to connect to these countries right in our home.   -Serena


"Not only do I think this is a GREAT product for children, but also this would be PERFECT for homeschoolers."   -Megan


"My kids absolutely love Country Kits! They get so excited every time I take out a new one.  My only request is to please keep making more!"   -Allyson


"I just bought 3 Country Kits for my 2 homeschooled kids to do. They came today and I *love* them!"   -Jessica


"Thanks for putting the fun back in education. My son is loving his Country Kits!"   -Linda


This has made our father-daughter time so much easier. Thanks Cultured Owl for creating a product that kids actually enjoy."   -Mike