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Our Story

Cultured Owl desires to see children develop global citizenship skills early on in life. Our Country Kits teach children to value diversity and to celebrate other people and their way of life. In addition to helping children develop their sense of identity, Country Kits also promote creativity and critical thinking skills.


Meet the Founder

Cultured Owl Founder

Sara Randrianasolo, Ph.D.

Sara is a long-standing advocate of international education. With a Doctorate in Second Language Studies/ESL and Linguistics, Sara possesses an in-depth understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity. She has served as an ESL faculty member and has been responsible for the acculturation of thousands of international students. 

Today, Sara focuses on Cultured Owl’s mission of Growing Global Citizens, starting with some of our youngest. She hopes Country Kits will open children’s eyes and broaden their minds so they can begin celebrating the wondrous world around them.