Growing Global Citizens

Cultured Owl inspires children to learn about the world, one country at a time, through our educational Country Kits. With each Country Kit, children journey to a new country, learning about its people, culture, and way of life. Country booklets, hands-on arts & crafts, and culture-based toys help foster children’s curiosity about the world.

Country Kits are designed to foster global citizenship skills in children ages 4-8. Contents teach children about different aspects of each country, from beginning language lessons and authentic recipes to holiday celebrations and tips for continuing the conversation.

It's no secret that children love receiving mail. Now you can deliver the world to your child's doorstep. Country Kits are a fun, educational product that make a great gift for "little ones." Used by homeschoolers, Montessori schools, and charter schools, Country Kits offer a great learning experience.

Share the world with your child today!

Available in four World Tour Packages, Country Kits are an opportunity to bring the entire family together to play, learn, and grow.

See What's Inside Our Boxes!


“Best box I ever got! My son is still playing with the stuff he got. I was very happy with it!”

~ Megan

“Not only do I think this a GREAT monthly subscription box for children, but also this would be PERFECT for home schoolers!”

~ Kimberlee

“I loved how the Country Kit sparked her interest through art and play, that allowed us to discuss and connect to this country right in our home.”

~ Serena

“Thanks for putting the fun back in education!  My son is loving his Country Kits!”

~ Linda

“This has made our father-daughter time so much easier.  Thanks Cultured Owl for creating a product that kids actually enjoy.”

~ Mike

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